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Finally - A Real Wood Shed

— Posted by Mr.HDH on Sep 2nd, 2013

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IMG_0155.JPGOur primary source of heat is wood.  We have a soapstone wood stove on the main level and a wood gasification boiler for the hot water baseboard and domestic hot water.

We go through about 5-6 cords of firewood in a typical winter. When we first moved to the homestead, the only option was to stack the split wood on the ground and cover it with those brown heavy duty plastic tarps.  Even at 12' x 16' in size, we needed about 6 of them to cover all the firewood.

They only last one season up here. Between the strong winds and intense sun, they would dry rot and/or be torn to shreds.  At $30 per tarp, this simply would not do.

So, I built an 8' x 12' covered shed that holds about 5 cords of split and stacked wood.

It is a pretty simple framed structure with metal roofing. It keeps the wood dry, but with plenty of air flow to season it properly.

The dark cover in the photo is repurposed wind screen from some tennis courts that was heading to the local dump. I happened to be there as the contractor was replacing the screen and they were happy to save a long trip to the dump by letting me take the stuff. I have enough to do another wood shed which we will need in the back of the house for the wood boiler.


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